v69.1 Release Notes

  • All torsos are now unisex. ~dna torso now utilizes ids 0-8 for all genders.
  • Nude Toons are now part of ToonDNA. Do ~dna torso 6-8.
  • Because of the above, doing ~setCE 16 will now do nothing.
  • All DNA color command restrictions have been removed.
  • Some Magic Words like ~name and ~hat have now been changed to their Toontown Offline counterparts. (~setName, ~setHat)
  • ~emotes
  • Player Toons now use Smooth Animations.
  • A strange Toon is now located in Toontown Central. As a consequence, Fisherman Freddy is now stuck in the ground.
  • The Title Screen now uses RynoGG branding rather than Ryno Productions.