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Ever since I first started on RynoTheGameGuy, I've strived to make entertaining videos.  I first made the RynoTheGameGuy channel September 13th, 2014, and started making public videos in October of the same year.  It hatched several series that wouldn't really become big, like a Kirby Super Star playthrough and Team 4tress.  Some more popular (and interesting) series did come up, like The Rewritten Story and Ryno's Return to Toontown.  Then Ryno Productions came around.  It was created on January 8th, 2016, and started making videos in March of the same year.  It would end up making the critically acclaimed series "Underfell" and rise the channel's popularity even further than RynoTheGameGuy.  Although it was originally created in order to contrast the new laid-back nature of RynoTheGameGuy, the old channel would end up publishing new videos on the Ryno Productions channel, now renamed RynoGG.  The new distinction between those two contrasts in videos are the Blue and Yellow branding on the video classifications.  Videos no longer have to stay in different channels in order to be watched by anyone.

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