Underfell is an animated series that started on June 14th, 2016.  It currently has 3 episodes, 1 bonus video, and 2 joke videos.  This series is made single-handedly.  When he has some freetime, Ryno decides to test out a command line flag in Undertale that he found out about.  He ends up changing the game in a way that makes it... different.  The series was created in frustration towards all the creators whom have put little effort into making Underfell logical to the Undertale timeline.  Episodes made in this series up to this point are meant to be extremely faithful to Undertale.  Usually, I'll prerecord footage so that way I can get accurate movement patterns.  This has resulted in the series being notorious for the long wait times between episodes.  Many people think that the series is a gameplay series.

Underfell was first cancelled on April 14th, 2017 for interest reasons.  It was brought back a year later after motivation to create something more unique generated, resulting in the new Episode 3.


The most up to date playlist is located here.

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